Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Cloudy Day

I have heard that you can still get a sunburn even if it were cloudly, but I somehow forgot that yesterday. Trust me... I am more red than I look in this picture.

More pictures of the day here.


Anonymous said...

Embarrassed are we?

Sircellan said...

Okay, don't you remember my sunburn at Windy Gap? Or was that a year before I knew you well? I sat outside in the lovely mostly cloudy afternoon for three hours in shorts and burned my legs so badly that I busted the capillaries in them and was screaming in pain with every shower.

Hope it fades soon! *hugs*

Lisa Marie said...

I like your cute little red face =)

Marti said...

You look just like your mommy in that pic (from the photos I've seen) :)