Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wakeup Call

Wow... this week eHarmony has been a buzz this week. They put out an article on their Dating Advice site called "Navigating the One Night Stand".

Here is the opening paragraph from the article:

While most of us are looking for that special someone to spend our lives with, the single life dictates that sometimes the opportunity for companionship presents itself in the form of a one-night stand. While a one-time roll in the hay isn’t exactly emotionally fulfilling, sex in any form can be relaxing, enjoyable, and fun.

The article was later retracted by the Vice-President here. There was another article earlier here about how to best handle camping out at your boyfriends... not quite as straight-forward scandal... but close.

I must admit that though I am so glad I was not a single woman in the 1700s or in places that I would have no say or power, being a 30 year old single woman in America these days... is not too much better. Is this really what we have come to? That a man who founds a company on "Christian" values to a decade later it is putting out articles on one night stands. My eyes have been so open by this. It reminds me again that business, like people are not perfect. Businesses, like people are not always trustworthy or safe.

I have had friends met guys and girls on eHarmony that have been positive expereinces. This makes me so glad that God uses that broken vessels. But I must not forget that it is a broken vessel.

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