Sunday, March 30, 2008

What if I only had one month to live?

We just started a series at church called "One Month to Live". It is kinda like the movie The Bucket List that came out. It is asking the question what would you do if you only had one month to live? It is about living as if you were dying (which face it we all are doing). I am pulled a couple of ways by this series. I am challenged to make sure I am doing what I want and need to be doing in this life. I also find it so depressing. Not the part about dying... I know my future lies in heaven. I find it depressing b/c so much of what I want in life cannot be accomplished in 30 days. I do want to be a wife and a mother. Those don't happen over night and are not completely up to me anyway. But there are some other things that can be done in 30 days and I would like to do. Below are some of mine (this is not my finally list... just my public one) :) Doug Fields encouraged us to make multiple lists. The first being the broad and then narrowing it down to specifics. I will just put some of my broad ideas here. Enjoy.

1. Spend quality time with my family
2. Do mission work in other countries telling others about Jesus
3. Finish this women's curriculum that I have been slowly working on for months
4. Make future blog entries and videos to show and post after I am gone to everyone I love thanking them for all the love, kindness, and support they have given me
5. Gather all my resources and money to give to help start micro-enterprises in Rwanda
6. Find some amazing spots for quiet times of prayer (just rent a helicopter to get to them... I am not going to exert too much physical energy)
7. Write a book for single men to better understand single women (Don't think I would have time for a speaking tour)
8. Take my small group to London and see Ruth, David, Mark & Mariella.

Ok... I think that is it for now. I am sure more will come out as I continue to reflect :)

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Don said...

I am glad that Saddleback is finally catching up with the times in their preaching.

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