Sunday, March 23, 2008

Great time in da Smokies!

I had a great weekend with some friends from college. Some I have not seen since graduation 8 years ago. One guy from the group got married during this time, and I got to meet his wife. She is incredible and I am so happy to have a new friend. There were a few awkward silences and questions which are bound to come with growing apart, but the genuine love and care for one another was so much more evident. The picture above was the view from the top deck.

Here is the group: (from left to right - Todd, Val, John, Leia (John's wife), TiNA, and Jay)

The cabin was great. It was so peaceful and serene... even with the cars driving by to get to the other cabins beyond ours.


Heather said...

Oh I am jealous. That looks awesome!
I know this is a month late but I just wanted to say thanks for supporting us in Uganda. It was great to know we had friends out there praying and there for us. I just wanted to say thanks. H

Marti said...

glad you had fun!