Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Runaway NonBride

It hit me in a meeting yesterday how often I fall into the "runaway bride" trap. Not that I run from commitment or have ever been proposed to. It is the trap of going with other views, likes, and needs and forgeting myself. I turn moments where people are wanting to know about me into moments about them. Then I turn around and dump on my blog, journal, or unexpecting friends. Like the fact that Julie Roberts character doesn't know what eggs she likes... I am often that way. I go with what my friends are doing and don't have an opinon of my own. If anyone asks me "where would you like to eat?" I usually yield to their desires. This is not in all areas of my life, but there are definately times where I yield instead of think. I often live in the moment, go with the flow, and when things slow down wonder why I had no ideas or why I didn't speak up. Not sure what to do with the observation... just noticed it.

By the way... my favorite is scrambled eggs with onions, ham, and cheese on top of cheese grits!


Anonymous said...

Scrambled eggs, with cheese, ham and spices laying next to a healthy serving of cheese grits with home-make peach jelly on made from scratch biscuits and a big ole glass of cold milk.....hey, that is what's on the breakfast menu in heaven...the only thing on the breakfast menu in heaven. No wonder you and I like that so much. And don't tell your California friends, but "sweet" iced tea...is the only thing God drinks. Boy will a lot of people be surprised once they sit down at the table for their "daily bread" in Paradise!

Gotta run...I'm hungry!


Sircellan said...

I have to agree with your dad about the sweet tea. :-) I miss grits, too. My parents are going to miss grits now they've moved to Pennsylvania. Ah, well. More excuses to visit Columbia again! You're making me incredibly hungry with this post (for all the US things I can't get now I'm in the UK). *hugs*