Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If You Could Go Back...

Marti and I are watching a cheesy (though better than most) Lifetime Christmas movie. In this one the girl is given a chance to go back to a week in her life and effect change that will last for the rest of her life. She goes back to the Christmas she was suppose to get married, but for some reason (we are guessing her job) she called off the wedding. She gets to re-live this with her future knowledge and we'll see if she makes the same decisions.

So... this brought up the question... if I could go back to one stage in my life and change stuff would I? and when would I go back to? I told Marti that I would go back to my time in LA looking and applying for jobs in the entertainment industry. But even so, I do not know that I would still have the courage to make different decisions that would change my future. What has happened between now and my move to LA has so shaped who I am. Sure... I wish I had that dream job that I moved to LA for... but I have a dream job. I have a dream life. Sure there are struggles, but I am so blessed. So it is a tough call. It seems so fruitless to focus on "what could have been"... when there is so much "what could be" out there.

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