Monday, November 12, 2007

Who Will I Be Today?

I am extremely blessed with a creative spirit and a logical head. But... often... these two will collid in a strange way. I can logically know that everything is alright... that the sky is not falling... that God is in control. BUT my spirit is filled with unrest which translates as deep sadness... and my emotions become dramatic... the sky seems knee high... and God, though in control, is ruffling my feathers.

Which is right and which is wrong? Which is me? Both. At times I feel like a tragic poet that needs to convey to the world my depth of sorrow, but then I take a step back and my sorrow is nothing. It makes little to no logical sense (much like this post). None the less:

"I'm trading my sorrow.
I'm trading my pain.
I'm laying it down,
For the joy of the Lord."

What a great song!

So the moral of the story is... Tina is weird!

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