Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Travels

So I had a strange day of traveling. I had 3 flights instead of my normal two to get across the US. This made for an extremely long day. I got up at 5am Pacific Standard Time and arrived in South Carolina at 10:30 Eastern Standard Time. There went the whole day... but I arrived safely and had a comfortable set of flights, so I am grateful.

I did have a few weird experiences though. This guy with the gray hair:
The whole flight and wait time in the airport he had a cigar in his mouth. He did not light it (obivously you can't on the plane), but he just held it in his mouth the whole time!! I was sad I did not get a picture of that... the above was the best I could do... you'll have to imagine the rest.

Then in Denver we had snow and they had to de-ice the plane. I have been in a plane while it was being de-iced before, but I had never thought being a de-icer was cool... until today. This guy looks like he is having too much fun! Look at the view from my seat:

On my last flight I was sitting beside half of a family and the father was in front of me. I traded seats with him so he could sit with his wife and daughter. Then it turned out I was sitting in the middle of another family. At this point the flight was so empty I just went to the back a grabbed my own row. The whole time people were coming on I kept getting scared thatI was in someone else's seat. Turned out there was NO ONE in the last 6 rows... I felt like I had the plane to my self :)

So a good day of traveling... just long. Now into the car tomorrow for more traveling. It is good to see the fam and it will be good to see the rest of them too :)

I'll try to blog a on the trip. Hilton Head is beautiful and I haven't been there in 2 years, so I am sure some things have changed.

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Anonymous said...

Be sure to take plenty of pictures of your Dad! It seems all his pictures are of other family members and no one really knows if your dad exists for not.

Signed...secret family member.