Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Wedding!

In case you wanted to know what my wedding party will look like here ya go:

So you may ask why? Good question!! But Elizabeth is getting married and found this cool feature on David's Bridal's website... so we all made our wedding parties. Can't think of more fun for single girl who has never had a boyfriend to spend her afternoon! :) Nah... is a blast. You should go build yours!

Yes that is suppose to be Maggie, Lacie, and Fischer. I didn't really allow (or was just lazy) for him to have any nieces or nephews. Not sure who the maid of honor is... or the best man is... or who the groom is for that matter! Someday, I'll let you know!


Anonymous said... wait just a minute! That young man has not come to the father yet and asked permission to court my daughter...on the swing on the front porch under the light. And remember my dating until after you are married. And my old wise elder proverb...well suggestion...after the pastor closes the Sunday AM service, then all are invited to stay for the wedding of thus and such. Hey, flowers are already paid for, no one has to take two showers on Saturday, preacher is already at the church anyway and we can have lunch at Waffle House...after the Methodists have already beat us to the good seats and left. Sounds like a plan!

Father of the bride...part III?

Janine said...

Hey that maid of honor kinda looks like me :-)
Love your dress!