Sunday, August 26, 2007

Proud to be from South Carolina!

Way to represent girlfriend!! :) Could not have been easy,


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I have a client whose daughter was a teenage contestant this year, but did not win. Also our firm is the CPA firm that officially counts the votes in the Miss SC contest. This young lady is from Lexington, SC. This can do one of two things for her...1) ruin her attitude for life or 2) she can capitalize on this by making fun of it and using it on every show from Ophra to Letterman. If she can shake this off and laugh at it, things will be a lot more healthy.

Thus my two Confederate currency, of course. And a comment from a Gamecock located in the state that shot the first shot of the War of Northern Agression.

Anonymous said...

Well, Letterman has picked up on it- this clip was on there last night. Dave and Paul (the band guy) think they should have this young woman on the show. If I were her advisor, I'd tell her to do it, to capitalize on the publicity. I would also tell her to come up with a new answer to the question, in case anyone asks!

TiNA said...

They have a whole blog site dedicated to maps now for her. It is here: Pretty cool what maps they have come up with... all in like 4 days!!