Thursday, May 03, 2007

Favorite Starbucks Drink?

OK... everyone has one. Well... Everyone on the Pacific Coast. Twice this week I had to ask people what "their" Starbucks drink was. I am a Chai Latte, Soy, No Water kinda girl. Or if it is a hot day you cannot beat a Chai Frappe (with whip cream, of course)!

This just reminded me of going to Cafe Strudel in college. It was the hangout spot for us IVers in Columbia. The owner and his daughter would already know our orders when we went to the register. John was the Uncle Todd. Ruth and Lydia would usually go for the teas (the Egyptian chamomile was amazing!). Lydia love the rum balls. Allyn the hot chocolate. And me... you ask... what was it that they started putting together when TiNA walked through the door... two sides of potato salad! That's right folks... my favorite thing at a coffee and dessert place was the potato salad. It was a German potato salad... my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Oh how I miss Cafe Strudel. The times we had there. The moments of trying to pretend we were not listening to Delilah on the radio give out terrible advice. There is a power of community that can only come in a coffee house environment. And though we may just be rushing into just grab a quick Grande Chai Latte, Non-Fat, Two Pump, No Water... it brings back the memories of those times sitting around with good friends in fellowship.

What is your Starbucks drink?


Marti said...

My favorite drink is a grande misto with sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup - so tasty.

I love places that know you, so fun.

Riley said...

Green Tea Frapp.

Lisa Marie said...

HOT--hot chocolate, 1/2 the chocolate, whipped cream.

COLD--Iced soy chai.

Sircellan said...

The Starbucks here is the only 'real' coffee shop. It's the only one that has separate 'rooms' with comfy chairs (that I've found), so I have a Starbucks card. I vary. Usually, I get the venti chai latte double spices and made with milk only (no water). Sounds very scarily like what you get. If I want sweet extreme.. I get the white chocolate mocha. Costa Coffee's frapp-equivalents are SO much nicer, so I never get a frapp anymore.

I do so miss Cafe Strudel.. and my cake with a dinner fork. I miss the lack of molasses in this country as I adored the Uncle Todd as well and would really like to make my own here. You've now made ME hungry for their potato salad.. it was delicious!