Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Father's Love

I just returned from a memorial service for Caleb Joseph Servin. He was born April 25, 2007 and lived about an hour and 15 minutes. The whole service was a beautiful testament to the lives of his parents. When Caleb was diagnosed with Potters syndrome they choose to carry him to full term, and pray for a miracle. I cannot imagine the pain, the rush of emotions, the torment, the attacks that came with this decision.

Today in the service different people got up to speak. A member of the Servin's small group, an aunt, a grandmother... all had beautiful things to say. The moment that was so special for me and others there was when Joe (Caleb's father) got up to speak. I could hear the people around me take an audible gasp when Joe stood up. His courage, his bravery to get up and speak to us at this time in unbelievable.

When Joe got to the mic he hesitated at first. The whole room's tears depended on Joe's reaction to this moment. If Joe wavered or flinched... the whole room would be in tears. Joe told of his family's journey. He told of that precious hour with Caleb. Joe shared that all the prayer for a miracle... and that miracle came. It was only a 50% chance that Caleb would even be born alive. When he was born his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice. Everything was against Caleb. But he lived. He got to meet his parents, look into the eyes of his mother, and feel the gentle touch of his older brother and sister. Caleb was born, then he was taken back to the arms of his Heavenly father. As Joe shared, it was a beautiful testimony. It excites me to think of how many lives will change through this story. How God will use this earthly father's love for his son to touch and change others.

When we were singing the last song, there was a break in the crowd and I saw Joe's daughter sitting on his lap singing along: "Blessed Be the Name of the Lord", "You give and take away". Wow... that is a Father's love.

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Anonymous said...

This brings tears to my eyes. You captured the day...the moment...the spirit, so beautifully!