Monday, April 30, 2007

30 B4 30

Some of my friends up in Pasadena did this. It was so cool to see them try and do everything on their list before they turned 30. I started mine a few years ago. I only came up with 12 back then. I am not doing so well. But Marti wanted me to bring it back to life so she can help me accomplish more of these. So... here is the old list, and some new "doable" ones added that Marti can help with :)

1 Take Nieces to Disney World (DONE!!)
2 See all 100 AFI Best Movies
3 Have a Film Credit (DONE!! Script Supervisor on Tamara and Elona's movie)
4 Write a Film Score (Semi done- rewrote Shrek score for class project)
5 Tour Europe Again
6 Have a Blind Date
7 Be 180 pounds or Less (In process :) )
8 Fall in Love (Maybe Done... Jesus counts, right?)
9 See London Symphony recording
10 Meet John Williams
11 Ride in a Limo
12 See Skywalker Ranch
13 Go to Disneyland (got a ticket)
14 Go to Knotts Berry Farm and ride stagecoach (DONE)
15 See the Mission in San Juan Capistrano (I hear it is the prettiest)
16 Go to Africa (DONE!)
17 Have a spa day
18 Learn to play the first movement of the Lalo concerto
19 Go to see a Broadway musical
20 Go to New York
21 Meet Ruth's kids
22 Pay off a debt
23 Buy a MINI (DONE!)
24 Try to snow ski
25 Reconcile with Casey
26 Write a book (atleast an outline)
27 Cook a real Mexican meal
28 Take a dance lesson (hip hop!)
29 Make a movie
30 Pray with someone to accept Christ

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marti said...

That's a good list!!

I can help you with: 2, 6, 7, 11, 15, 17, 19 (we already have tickets for), 20, 27, and 28. We have a lot to do before next January :)