Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Life is Like Soup Plantation

(OK.. for those east of the Mississippi... Soup Plantation is an all you can eat salad, soup, and pasta resturant.)

Today Rick Z (my co-worker) and I got into a 30 minute discussion, that could have gone much longer, about how life is like Soup Plantation. You think you are health, b/c you are at a "healthy" resturant, but you can be as bad as ever. If you pile that dressing on your tiny salad, then down 2 bowls of clam cowder, then have a few slices of pizza, and a brownie topped with soft serve ice cream... it is not healthy anymore. But you feel better about yourself b/c you ate at Soup Plantation. It was like the garden of Eden. Adam had a literal buffet. Yet he and Eve were drawn to what they should not have eaten.

That is our deep thoughts for the day. For a great post on how we have changed our perspective of food check this out: http://mchavs.wordpress.com/2007/03/07/pornogrification-of-food/

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Danielle said...

I'd say life is more like In&Out Burger. You've got the people who seem totally satisfied with a menu with 3 items and then there's us cool people who prefer to order "off menu."

Hmmm. I suppose I've missed the entire point of this post and it's probably because I'm just hungry now.