Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dinner for 6 (make that 13)

Tonight was my first Dinner for 6. Yes, I crashed it making it a Dinner for 7. :) Hey... I was invited by the host, so that counts. It was fun. We went to Jaime's house and did a BBQ. It was great to see some new faces, hear new stories, and just have fun. Later, another Dinner for 6 group joined us at the bonfire. So it turned into Dinner for 13. The night ended with people talking about scary first date stories. It always upsets me when people think that everyone dates. I feel so akward and strange, b/c that is not my lifestyle. I do not automatically get one on one with a guy. I like the group thing first. I know the guys felt a tad uncomfortable at this point as well. But... they were taking notes... that's for sure.

So what is a Dinner for 6? :) It is where you sign up and get placed with 5 other people from a group just so you can get to know more people. You go to someone's house or go to a resturant together. Usually a 3-guy, 3- girl group, so that everyone feels comfortable. This one was with EPIC our 20-something, post-college ministry that I work with. Since the Thursday night group can be so big, this was a great way to learn more names and get to know people better.

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