Monday, January 29, 2007

My Birthday Story

A story from my dad. Yes it's random. Yes it make little to no sense... but it was just for me on my 29th Birthday... so here goes.

Well...once upon a time there was this beautiful little princess. Her
name was Tinadurella. She lived in the enchanted forest with all her
short little friends who were Sloppy, Soupie, Scoopy, Sniffy and so on.
Well, Tinadurella went for a walk, because her grits were too hot to
eat. She came to this Tin Mann while walking with Burt, her nifty
little dog of mostly Jack Russell decent. He had a broken front leg and
sniffed Tin Man. About that time a Straw Guy roared like a Lion and the
Big Bad Wolf jumped out of the yellow brick road (known in California as
"The Yellow"). Tinadurella got so frightened that she knocked over an
egg named Dumpty Humpty who was sitting on the fence playing with an But then all of a sudden a little spider dropped
down and the cow kicked the lamp over and Chicago caught on fire. It
was about that time that Tinadurella grabbed her cello and began playing
a cute little country song with a handsome Prince named Fischer. It was
about that time that her father, the most famous CPA in all the land,
had to answer the phone, prepare an estimated tax payment and go to a
client's office. So Tinadurella ate her birthday cake, took a nap and
enjoyed the Land of which is close to Disney Land...the
original. So the next time you travel the "Yellow" just think that you
could be on the "29". Love Popalella (the pen name for Popal).

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Anonymous said...

Oh Tina...your father is so talented, energetic and ... humble. I bet he had Green Eggs and Hamm (with grits) for breakfast on your birthday. Well, like the doctor said on the phone that morning of January 29, 1978, "Do you want to have a baby today?" Well, my life has not been the same since!!!!!