Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vegas Review

I had a great time in Vegas. The drive up and the drive back only took 4.5 hours both times. That was cool... no traffic... unheard of :)

"O" was amazing. The stunts, stage, acrobats, diving, music, lighting, staging, everything was so detailed. The only complant my friends and I had was there was no story to really grab onto. It seemed rather random, beautiful but random.

My favorite parts:
1. When the cellist strolled accross the front of the stage playing her solo (I so want one of those wheely things so I can walk around and play too).
2. When the scuba divers were exposed on stage and flopping around like fish (ok a little background... the stage moves up and down. When it moves down it fills the stage up with water... there was one point where the scuba divers who usually move sets around unseen stayed on the stage as it came all the way up. It was really funny trust me.)
3. When they used these swing like things to do high jumps and dives.
4. Kinda of a weird one, but I loved how the curtain moved to reveal the stage at the very beginning. Very creative and great opening. You'll have to see it though... I can't explain it here.

My other favorite activity in Vegas.... well other than the fountain which I saw 3 show at... was The Drive. Click here for more details. For $10 you get to do two activities. You can choose to do one twice or one of each. You can drive a GM sports car around a speed course or an SUV on an offroad course. OK... I did one of each. I drove a Caddillac Supercharged STS on the speed track. BUT THE COOLEST THING I HAVE DONE IN A LONG TIME... was driving and H2 on the offroad course. I was going on 45 degree ramped turns and up an incline of 60 degrees, stopping on the hill on the way down. It was CRAZY!!! I felt like I was going to turn the Hummer every turn... but it stuck. Great stuff. If you go to Vegas before November... check it out!!


big bro said...

Tina, have you not seen the movie Cars? The last scene has Sarge putting three Hummers through boot camp because they have not really been off road before. I am surprised you picked the Hummer, was a tricked out Jeep not an option? I feel like I really need to pray for you or the game option! My favorite shirt reads, "Hummer Recovery Team", and its being worn by a Jeep driver.

TiNA said...

It was sponsered by GM... so no Jeeps to choose from. Now if Dodge was doing it... you know I would have grabbed a Jeep! :)