Friday, September 22, 2006

Looking Back

I was reading through my old blog today and ran accross this entry from Monday, February 13, 2006:

So far I love having a roommate!! There is always so much going on around here. It is soo totally opposite from my life before. I finally feel like I am living life out with people instead of watching people. I am sure there will be trials ahead, but so far so good!

I just read this and giggle now. Janine has been one of the biggest blessings in my life in the last 8 months. I am actually shocked that we get along as well as we do. (Especially now that we are stuck at home together all the time.) God is good! She is my walking buddy, voice of reason, and resident realtionship expert (wink wink- even when I don't ask).

When I said there would be trials in that post, I was thinking of issues like disagreeing on colors or fighting over the laundry. I had no idea what would come our way. The last few months have been really trying on both of us, and it is so good not to be in it alone. Please join me in prayer for Janine and this crossroad that she has found herself at in life. Pray for her to have discernment, encouragement, and strength to do what she has to do.

I love ya girl, hang in there!!!


Janine said...

Oh my, can't believe that picture was taken only 9 months ago, and our hairs and lives have changed so much since. Tina, you are a blessing in my life as well, I am also stoked regarding how well we get along after all this time and all that we have been through. I give the credit to you though, who is so easy going, accepting and forgiving. Not many people could put up with me the way you do! As far as the relationship advice, that is your perk ;-)
Thanks for praying for me

Danielle said...

I am really impressed by how well the 2 of you live together. You both are exceptionally loving and kind and always a joy to be around in your home.

My only dissapointment is that you selfishly keep 2 George Foreman grills in your household when you know others are in dire need of such appliance-ry.